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28/04/2008 · Hello folks! Sometimes I receive documents I’d like to save as PDFs from the print dialog, but the dialog won’t let me. It wouldn’t even allow a preview.
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22/09/2009 · Cups-pdf stopped working. Apparently the virtual printer lost the rights to write to the folder on the desktop. Went through the fixes on CodePoet but it’s still not working.
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23/09/2010 · I would recommend cups-pdf, free software that creates a PDF print queue for your Mac. It seems to eliminate most of the problems associated with PDF output from Finale. It seems to eliminate most of the problems associated with PDF output from Finale.
23/05/2009 · Yes, if the program does not come with a “save to PDF” option, just do it from the Print menu. Go to File>Print and then select an option from the PDF menu.
PDF format allows for easier post-processing, newer features like transparency and high bit-depth color, and a simpler printing pipeline. Continued compatibility with systems running older versions of CUPS.
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How its implemented, but it could meet your needs: http:www.codepoetry.netprojectscups-pdf-for-mosx. Если верить Если верить автором BullZip PDF …
UPDATE 2013-12-16. If you are still using spdf files, please contact me so I can update these instructions. I could not find instruction for opening DRM-encumbered .spdf files using Acrobat 8 …
FINALE 2009 and PDFs on Mac OS X There are a number of problems of which Mac users should be aware when creating PDFs from Finale 2009. 1. When using the Adobe PDF print queue, the PDF contains blank pages.
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19/10/2011 · I’m trying to create a PDF file out of about 500 messages. If I were to select all these messages to print individually, I think they would do so, page by page, for a …
3. pdf bestand met de specieke info voor de klant (beeld van de kalender) Nu moeten deze 3 zaken in 1 mail gekoppeld worden om te versturen. Is dit per klant te verzamelen met een pdf file daarbij, want als ik alle word bestanden moet omzetten naar losse pagina’s kost me dit ook veel tijd.
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21/03/2009 · 蘋果軟體綜合 – Dummy 之 Mac 小撇步 不靠acrobat 用多張圖片來製作 PDF 檔 (10.5.6) – 蘋果
25/04/2008 · Yes once you install the CUPS-PDF you can connect to it as a Shared Printer and it work quite nice for the price. It’s free. It’s free. i tried using the vmware’s own “virtual printer” (not even sure what that is) but was unsuccessful.

If I right click on a PSD file and say open with Photoshop CS, it opens Photoshop but doesn’t open the image. This also happens when I grag a graphic image to the Photoshop CS icon on the dock.
Enter CUPS-PDF, this is a little backend app, that installs a virtual PDF Printer on your Mac. Why would you want to do this? Well, if you are like me and you print to PDF more than you print to paper – you can save a number of clicks. Another nice thing, is that all the PDFs are saved in a common location.
CUPS-PDF is a really cool virtual PDF printer. Macs have been able to print to PDF for awhile now, but the process takes more clicks that it should.
29/05/2008 · Thanks for the excellent tip, JT, but I can’t figure out how to get PDF on my printer list so I can mark it as default. I go to System Preferences > Print & Fax and click the + button, but I can’t figure out how to make a PDF printer.
While I was enjoying the delicious food and sunny weather in Southern Spain, I got an eMail from a fellow Mac user asking if it was possible to convert a huge collection of webloc-files to PDFs.
25/02/2008 · Using a command line text editor (I use sudo vi /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf but pico will also work). Look for a line that says “Out $ /Desktop/cups-pdf/” and change it to what ever you’d prefer. The $ part is a variable representing your home directory and …
Salut à tous ! Bon, ben je crois que tout est dans le titre. J’ai une tripotée de fichiers au format .doc que je voudrais transformer en pdf.
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A questo punto potete provare a stampare su CUPS-PDF e dovreste trovarvi i file dentro alla directory di cui sopra, per visualizzarne il contenuto andate sul Finder e dal menù Vai > Vai alla cartella, inserite /var/spool/cups/cups-pdf e troverete una directory col vostro nome, potete symlinkarla dove vi pare (tipo sul Desktop o in Documenti).
Codepoetry specializes in developing solutions for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. I also maintain a few branded applications such as Notae, Psst!, Listalicious, and I repackage and distribute CUPS-PDF for
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SJSU SLIS Classes LIBR 285 Resources Liu G.
7/12/2007 · 中文的PDF一定要用acrobat看嗎 ? 目前用預覽程式看..破字的機率蠻高的… 字變的缺東缺西 從tiger就這樣哩..到leopard還是一樣…..
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Hallo zusammen, Also ich arbeite mit AutoCAD 2005 auf meinem MacBook unter Parallels. Das geht recht gut, nur habe ich jetzt das Problem, dass ich die Zeichnung als PDF speichern möchte, um sie per Mail zu verschicken.
25/03/2009 · A quicker way is to setup the cups pdf printer as above, then open the print queue and drag the pages files bulk onto the print queue. Note this only works with some OSX applications though.
23/09/2013 · CUPS PDF printer I’ve not tried this but it is possible to create a printer in the CUPS environment that allows printing direct to PDf. If it works this opens the possibility that this printer can be shared via Bonjour and so made available to Windows.
Re: convert multilayer tif to pdf files John, If your dealing with large images (eg, 3550x1775pixels) the ‘fit in one image’ will not be respected *if* you tick the ‘print image’s size or title’. You will have to resize it before the conversion if these headers are important for you.
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Setting up a virtual PDF printer in MacOS On my previous Mac (System 10.4), I had set up a virtual PDF printer called Adobe PDF 3016.102. I had Creative Suite installed at the time, but I’m not sure if that’s relevant. I can’t remember how I installed that virtual printer. Now I have two new
7/04/2009 · Woooooh! Immer wieder gigantisch, diese Unterschiede zwischen PC und Mac, wenn man sie noch nicht gewöhnt ist. Wieviel benutzerfreundlicher das im Apfelbaum alles ist. – 290w mono 60 trina pdf 24/02/2010 · Does anyone know of a program (free) that will allow me to turn all of my pages documents, word documents, powerpoints, etc. into PDFs without having…
I am creating a program that attempts to read to bodies of text from a text file and calculate the percentage difference. For example, if I had a .txt file with the words asdf in it and I had another .txt file with the words asd in them, the second would be 75% similar to the first.
Create a ‘PostScript to file’ CUPS print queue Authored by: leamanc on May 29, ’09 11:40:22AM Yes, it is easier to do that, and pretty much just as fast if you are in …
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30/04/2010 · hyeperlinks aren’t happening after I PDF a Word doc. I’d be soooo grateful for right answer on this – the hyperlink feature is the whole point for me to have Pro. I’d be soooo grateful for right answer on this – the hyperlink feature is the whole point for me to have Pro.
Description. Launchd Editor provides a graphical way to edit the property lists that launchd uses to start programs. Instead of working within Property List Editor, you can use Launchd Editor to create the property list in a specialized interface that also ensures that your file will be valid.
Is there a way to batch convert Thunderbird emails (1,500+) to PDF for archiving on Macintosh OSX (10.4.11). I know there is ABC Amber Thunderbird Converter for the PC. Any ideas? I know there is ABC Amber Thunderbird Converter for the PC.
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Unfortunately, no, this cannot be avoided. Your only option is to create multiple PDFs then join them into a single file using Apple’s or one of the PDF ‘stitcher’ utilities available — most of which are freeware or nominal shareware.
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CUPS-PDF is a PDF writer backend for CUPS. It is designed to produce PDF files in a heterogeneous network by providing a PDF printer on the central fileserver. It will convert files printed to its queue in CUPS to PDF and put them in a per-user-based directory structure. It can execute post-processing scripts, e.g. to allow mailing the results to the user.
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18/01/2009 · howdy, well, pretty much my subject hits it. i downloaded cups and the cups-pdf packages, configured it to be the default printer on arch, but im unable to print to it from windows. what drivers should i look for?
18/09/2008 · Best Answer: The fastest free way to convert anything in Windows to a pdf is to use doPDF. It appears as a printer so you can convert anything you can print to a PDF file. You can customize the page size, orientation (portrait / landscape) and graphic resolution (from 72 to 2400 dpi). It is completely free
I had cups-pdf working just fine under 10.5.8 – going to 10.6 is where things changed. At the end of the day, I am fairly certain that I only needed to make sure I had configured my cups to print outside of a user directory e.g.
Eine Option drucken hab ich gefunden, damit kann ich aber leider nur auf einen realen Drucker drucken und nicht in ein PDF (oder ich bin blind). In den PDF-Automator-Funktionen hab ich leider auch
13/04/2007 · My database software prints invoices with out a dialog box appearing to give me the option to print to pdf. Is there a “Virtual Printer” driver that can create pdf files?
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